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June 18, 2009


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I believe it is both a community habit as well as an inner state. For example, being surrounded by a community with a habit and practice of wisdom can influence someone who doesn't already have such a habit but it can also not affect that individual. As a result, the individual stays firm to their inner state. That individual stands out to the others in the community as different or other.

My thoughts and thanks for sharing,

Is wisdom also what people mean when they talk about the different kinds of intelligence -- street smarts, book learning, etc.? People can be "smart" in very different ways, but perhaps wisdom is the quality that is common to those different forms of intelligence. It's associated with things like judgment and empathy, which in turn can be seen as the result of habit/experience.

I think of gaining knowledge and wisdom as a skill mixed with experience. Knowing how you yourself best learn rapidly increases your intake of information, and mixing that with your life experiences forms the base of how you see the universe and apply it all. Challenging, and beautiful for those who consciously take it on.

"Good judgement comes from experience.
Experience comes from bad judgement."

This quotation is from Walter Wriston
when he ran Citibank.

"With age comes wisdom"
This quote is from parents all over.

I believe Soloman asked for wisdom towards
the end of living a very long and prolific life.
As a result, it was given to him and I think
he then said that most important thing utlimately in his life was his relationship with God.

Wisdom is a result of action, combined with an innate
ability to know the difference between fact or fanasty.

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